I hope you dance.

Never miss a chance to dance.
To dance
is to discover yourself; your feelings, your muscles. It comes from your inner awareness consciously unthought.
Dance is the prototype of all languages.
To understand a culture; study the people, the language, the folklore, music, lyrics, all the things that constitute their dance.
Dance is a tool to make sense of life.
In ancient times dance was used to bring people together, to understand the unknowable, to celebrate, to commemorate. It's an individual communication within you, it's a message out to to the world. It's a way of feeling what it is like to be human; movement, feeling, unity, synchrony, aliveness, aesthetics in one instrument; the body.
Dance is what dance is.
Dance cannot be explained with words. Let an inner awareness form and let movements develop without judgement.
The body is the primal instrument of life
The body is the primal instrument of dance
Dance communicates what you know of your body-ego.
Be comfortable with your body, notice the socio-political structures surrounding you and their psychological impact on you
Gender roles in our societies don't represent the femininity and masculinity that are interdependent in the natural world. Feel the unisex power within dance. Feel yourself welcome to what the universe offers you. FEEL AT HOME WITH YOURSELF.
let dance be your revelation